Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

This site would make my dad proud. He’s always complaining about how a particular stunt is impossible while we’re watching a movie. This site not only goes through why different stunts wouldn’t work but also tries to figure out how it could have worked.

While I don’t mind having the physics explained to me, the part of the site I loved was the movie review section where you can choose by movie to find out what was impossible. It even has current video/dvd releases like The Hulk, Reign of Fire, and The Sum of All Fears. Not to mention older movies like The Terminator, Speed, Independence Day, and many more. I checked out Reign of Fire.

I thought it was interesting, just on the principles of physics, how many times everyone should have died. From the dragons who were the villians to the humans hiding who were the heros. The dragons from their own fire if they could even have made fire to the dragon’s flaiming the human’s fortress.The fire that the dragons breathed on them would have at least eaten their air supply so that everyone would have died from asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning.I enjoyed the commentary on why exactly certain guns would have affected the beasties. How their internal organ would have been injured. I absolutely loved this review and suggest you read it.

This a fabulous site. You should get some popcorn and check it out.

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