I share my computer with other family members, but I want to keep my email private. Is there a way to put a password on my Outlook Express files?

Each person can have a separate mailbox in Outlook Express with separate message folders, contacts, and personal settings. You can do this by creating multiple identities. Once created, you can switch between them without having to shut down your computer or lose your Internet connection, and best of all, you they can be protected with a password.

To add a new identity, go to File / Identities / Add New Identity .


Type the name of the new user. To include a password for the identity, select “Require a password” then enter one.


It will then ask if you want to log on as the new user. If you answer yes, you will be asked for information about your Internet connection. Answer no and the current user remains logged on.

Once you’ve set up a few, switching identities is pretty easy. Go to File / Switch Identities and select the user you want.