Les Chefs

“The Worldwide Gourmet presents to you cooking from around the world, a reference for all gourmets.” That’s what the header to this site had to say, but the question I had was could anyone make these creations? Yes, it is possible, I made some fabulous desserts from this site.

If you choose “Recipes”, you are whisked away to another page that has some rather tasty looking food on it, and says “From Beginner to Master Chef” then you will notice that you can browse by Country, or what’s new for the month. Not to mention if you scroll down further, you can surf the recipes by type. Now I always start out in the dessert section. Then I got hungry and had to go make some lunch. All the food on this site is presented in a very appetizing way. But the desserts, ooh, la la – they were fantastic. I have now proudly made several of the tarts on this page as well as some of the ice cream creations. And some were more complicated but the directions are all very thorough.

If you decided to start in Countries, you will be taken on a tour of that countries cuisine. A very interesting read, even if you don’t care about other countries cuisine you should at least read up about what they had to say about the United State’s cuisine. I had an Irish friend tell me once that I ruined potato’s because I put ranch dressing on them. This is a very American trait, I’m told. So it was very interesting to read about Alaska, Maine, Texas, The Old South, and so on. The Cajun or Creole section was a delight.

The Chefs section was not what I expected ( I expected a section about chefs, and how to become one) it is a listing by country of where you can go out to. Each section is called Going out in USA (for example) and list fine dining and hotels. A very useful site to those of you are travelers.

All in all, enjoy, and Bon !