National Gardening

National Gardening

I don’t know about you out there in reader-land, but here in Toledo, Ohio we’ve had a difficult winter. (Not that this is unusual, we come from the land of gray skies.) But it will soon be that time of year. So why don’t you start your garden planning with this site.

At National Gardening you can learn just about every aspect of gardening. You can start by checking out the sections along the top of the page: Themed Gardens, Kids Gardening, Kids Shop, National Garden Month, and Research.

Or you can check out the side bar that has tons of resources. Most specifically this is where you can find gardening tips for where you live with the Regional Gardening Reports. I used this site to find a cure for my lawn, since my two dogs have destroyed the grass, but now I have some ideas to implement a fix for my lawn this summer.

The Regional Reports section is priceless. Type in your zip code and get all the information you need, as well as articles based on your region of growing. For my zip code I get a lovely article about summer and strawberries. Turning our thoughts ahead some to summer and the gardening we plan to do then.

Ready to plant?


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