Olympics Through Time

Welcome to a site all about the history of the Olympics. The site is divided into sections: Prehistory, Antiquity, and Revival.

In “Prehistory” you will learn how the Olympics came to be, what events lead up to the concept of it, and who participated. On the side bar you will see navigation links that will take you from Egypt to Olympia.

In “Antiquity” you will be learning about the hey-day of the Olympics. This is when it all went down. Learn about the site where it all took place, the victors, the regulations, the festival itself and why it was so important.

In “Revival” you get to learn all about why the Olympics were revived. What standards changed in the early 19th century that people wanted to compete in athletics in such a large manner. From the first attempts to the first successful Olympic Revival Games you will get a good glimpse at the thought process behind it. Are you ready to learn about the symbolism used even in today’s Olympics?

I bet those victorious at the first Olympics would never have dreamed about the whole thing being televised around the world. How many of you snuggle into a nice fluffy blanket and watch the winter Olympics or better yet, sit in the air conditioning to watch the summer Olympics? There is one thing that’s been proven by time: the Olympics are here to stay a very vibrant part of the future!