OneLook Dictionary Search

OneLook Dictionary Search

I know you’re probably thinking, “Not another Dictionary site.” But trust me you won’t mind it. This Dictionary has a fabulous feature called Reverse Dictionary, it is still in testing but I had very good results with it.

How does it work? Well you type in a few words that could be used to describe the word your looking for, it will then come up with a list of words that you can look for the word your were intending to find.

This is a splendid thing for writers who need to know what that “thing” is called so that you can describe it properly. It is also fabulous for when you get a word stuck on the tip of your tongue and it’s going to bother you till you figure it out.

You’ll also find it has regular dictionary capabilities. translations, and multiple dictionaries to search. But the jewel of this site to me, is the Reverse Look-up and you can bet I’ll be placing it in my Favorites.


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