Organic Gardening

We talked about getting your garden planning started this week, now you can let your thoughts blossom and get more information. With Organic Gardening you can find specific articles on what you want to grow and how to grow it best and, strangely enough, sometimes even find a good recipe.

I am mad about lavender, and have decided that I’m going to plant just lavender in my yard around the tree. It’s very fragrant and you can use it for everything from food to scented sachets. So I looked up lavender, found some really good tips to get it grow exceptionally well, and found a recipe for lavender cookies. Now, normally I’;d be like, uck, that’;s a flower, but I had lavender lemonade the summer before and lavender ice cream and it’;s just a delicious flower to use in cooking. I can’;t wait to make lavender cookies.

This site has a ton of neat articles like: 150 Most Fragrant Flowers; What is Organic Gardening; and much, much more.

For those of you who are wondering what the difference is between regular gardening and organic gardening, here’;s the beginning of an answer. “Organic gardeners don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their plants. But gardening organically is much more than what you don’t do.”

Make sure you check out “Ask the Garden Girl”. She gives relevant advice to everyday questions. Do you have a question? Go ahead and ask the Garden Girl.

Let’s start planting!