Payphones of the World

What will people think of next? This site is completely dedicated to pictures of payphones from all over the world. If you have a picture of a payphone that fits their needs feel free to send it to them. To navigate the site scroll down to the world map and choose your country.

I was feeling adventurous and started in Europe. It then gave me a list of countries in Europe that they had pictures of payphones from—I chose Belgium. Let me tell you, these phones were extremely different than anything I had conjured up in my imagination that a payphone could look like. They even had payphones that accept cards. Curious, I headed on to Romania, and then the rest of Europe.

Romania’s little payphone was a blue box where you had to use a finger wheel to dial numbers, there was also a very nifty bit of building next to it with some gorgeous stone work. So traveled all over the world on this site looking at payphones. Most of them were really nifty.

Dial it up.