Poetry Daily

I fell in love with this site when I stumbled across it. Poetry Daily features a different poem every day. So, whether you have a favorite poet or you just like poetry, you’ll get a great variety. You click on the poem title to read the poem and then you will notice underneath the poem there are some options: Recommend the Poem, Printer Friendly, and Previously on PD.

Recommend the Poem – allows you to send the poem to a friend that you think will enjoy it. You put in their e-mail address, your e-mail address and a short note to your friend if you want. And then you click submit and off it goes to your friends.

Printer Friendly – allows you to print out a version of the poem without all the html and graphics.

Previously on PD – This section allows you to see what was previously on Poetry Daily last year.

Poetry Daily also has a free daily e-mailed newsletter that you can sign up for. You put in your e-mail address and then an email will come to your e-mail account so that you can confirm that you really want the newsletter, and you can always unsubscribe.

You can also check out the archive, which has poem as far back as one year from the day that is the current daily poem. This is another way to get to the previously on PD.

You may not like every poem you read but there are always jewels to be found here. Check it out!