Read Only Files

A read-only file can be opened and read but no changes can be saved over the original file. This comes in really handy for documents, spreadsheets, and other sensitive files that you don’t want messed with.

Files on a CD are read only since you can’t modify them while they are on the CD. If you want to change them you must transfer to your computer then uncheck “Read Only” in Properties. When you transfer a file from CD in Windows 98/ME it stays read only, so again, you need to “un-read only” it. (Win XP is smart enough to undo this when transferring).

To undo read only, right-click the file and select Properties (or Alt+double click) from the resulting menu.


Next, uncheck the “Read Only” checkbox on the lower part of the Properties screen. Hit OK and you’re all set.


Note that if you have a bunch of files sitting together that are all read-only, you can “un-read only” them en masse. Hit CTRL-A to select all or hold down Alt and select only certain files, then right-click any file and follow the steps above.

You can also use this process to make files you want protected “read only” so that no one accidentally modifies them.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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