Remember Ronald Reagan

It was with great sadness that we found that Ronald Reagan had died. So let’s remember him and his very vivid lifetime by visiting this site. There are several areas to this site. but the best part is the memories.

You can read memories about Ronald Reagan from the people whose lives he touched, or if he touched your life in some way you can write in and submit your memories of him to be shared.

Example of the Testimonials: Ed Meese—former Attorney General under Reagan…

“I think the great thing about Ronald Reagan is that he took his work seriously, he took his job seriously, but he didn’t take himself seriously, which was an endearing quality as far as people were concerned.”

The testimonials run the range of the common man to soldiers to the leaders of the country. Some of them include photographs and relate bits and pieces of his personality. My favorite testimonial about Ronald Reagan was by Richard Wirthlin, it even discusses what Reagan’s sense of humor was like.

So take a few moments of your time to remember Ronald Reagan through the lives of the people he touched.