Script Debugging

What is script debugging? I have been told to select “no” when a screen pops up at work. Is there a risk to it, or is it just a waste of time?

Before I learned how to shut off this “feature”, I too would be surfing along when suddenly an error message would pop up on a website asking me if I want to debug script errors. Even if I did know how to fix the script error, all I could do is email the webmaster and hope that the next time I went they would have it fixed.

The Microsoft Script Debugger lets you test scripts developed using an ActiveX script engine, plus you can debug scripts developed with VBScript and JScript, as well as ActiveX components and Java applets. It lets you view and modify program source code, variables, and values, or control the flow and pace of how the script works.

Huh? What does that mean to you? Well, unless you are a programmer with nothing to do but fix script errors on someone else’s web page, then you probably want to shut this off. It’s really easy to do…

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools / Internet Options then click the “Advanced” tab. Under “Browsing”, place a check next to “Disable script debugging”.


Click OK .

Now you can visit pages with poorly written scripts and your browser will load them to the best of its ability without asking you to fix the problem. You probably won’t even notice an error anyway. Here’s to smooth surfing!


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