South Street Seaport Museum

After learning all about South Street on the “Era of the Clippers” site (see yesterday’s Cool Site) I decided to find out what’s happening there now. I found this lovely museum site and decided to share it with you. The most exciting thing to do here is to “Meet the Fleet”.

The South Street Seaport Museum in New York City is home to the nation’s largest fleet of privately maintained historic vessels. The three types of shops they have are: Stationary, Training, and Workhorses.

The ships you can view are: Ambrose, Helen McAllister, Lettie G. Howard, Marion M., Peking, Pioneer, W. O. Decker, and the Wavetree.

Each ship has it’s own section and is chocked full of information about the ships themselves, museum exhibits, statistics on the ships, and much, much more. My favorites are the Lettie G. Howard and the Pioneer.

Lettie G. Howard — Lettie is a Schooner, that is used for educational purposes among her other duties. They run a sailing school for urban youth. I think it would be really neat to learn to sail as a child. That right there is a life skill that most adults of this day and age don’t have.

Lettie serves as an extension of the NY Harbor School facility, and a regular part of the school’s curriculum,” commented Singh. “Students will work on the boat over their four years of high school, gaining skills, moving up the ranks and ultimately leading their peers.”

Pioneer — “Almost all American cargo sloops and schooners were wood, but because she was built in what was then this country’s center of iron shipbuilding, Pioneer had a wrought iron hull. She was the first of only two cargo sloops built of iron in this country, and is the only iron-hulled American merchant sailing vessel still in existence.”

Pioneer now has an engine rather than running on just her sails and she makes daily tourist trips out into the harbor, as well as educational trips.

The other ship that makes trips into the harbor regularly is the W.O. Decker. The W.O. Decker is a tug boat.

Let’s go sailing, Enjoy!