The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives

This is a site that most Americans should be aware of. A list of the ten most wanted fugitives. From Osama Bin Laden to Donald Eugene Webb you’ll find interesting facts about these criminals. You should be aware of who they are because sometimes fugitives hide in plain sight.

If you hit the “Most Wanted” link you’ll find other fugitives beside the top ten, and there is even a Parental Kidnapping section.

The “Facts” section will probably answer any question you have on how the list comes to be, who is chosen, etc. It is worthwhile to read. As of when I was at the site there had been a total of 477 fugitives on the list since it came into existence in 1949.

There are tons of other worthwhile links for you to check out, I thought the FBI’s Art Theft Program was very interesting.

A truly arresting site to behold.