The Glory of Chinese Printing

The Glory of Chinese Printing

At this site you can choose whether to view the site in Chinese or in English—I obviously chose English. Once you are in the English section of the site you can explore the Glory of Chinese Printing! From the Introduction which will lead you through each section of the site, or from the Index where you can simply click on the links you think you will enjoy, you’ll find navigation of this site is straight-forward and the layout divine.

The site has examples of Chinese printing from as far back as the Stone Age. With lovely historical pictures of ancient writing artifacts and full descriptions it’s hard to see where this site could go wrong.

You’ll learn about how the carving of Chinese characters was important even early on in their culture, and how they developed reverse character techniques that would eventually lead to the wood blocking technique. The further you get into the site the more great information you get along with pictures of more writing artifacts.

I think you will love and enjoy all the fun facts and really neat pictures this site has to offer on Chinese printing. Check it out.

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