The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

We have hit a lovely assortment of history sites recently but I feel that this site is the cream of the crop, or the crème de la crème so to speak. Let me tell you why.

First of all there are three lovely interactive maps. One of Roman Italy, one of the Empire, and one of the City of Rome. Choose one of the options from the drop down selector and click “Go” to see it on the map. (Believe it or not in Italy there was a city named Narnia.)

Second there is the Illustrated History itself, which is divided into chapters and is an utter delight. Some of the chapters are so chocked full of information it’ll make your head spin. But it is all really well put together.

Thirdly, there is my favorite part, the Re-enactors section. In this section you can check out photos of re-enactments of the history of Rome. I loved the Boadicea re-enactment the most. Check this section out for sure.

And in Conclusion, you’ll probably enjoy the whole site but I just had to talk about these sections too. Check out all the picture pages as they are fabulous and deserving of your time. Don’t forget to vote on who you thought was the best and the worst Emperors and Generals. The Timelines are fabulous so are the Roman Place Names.

All Roads Lead to Rome. 😉 Check it out!

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