The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

“Located in the medieval Castello Guidi (11-12 cen.), the Leonardo Museum dominates the small city of Vinci.” Now it dominates the web as well with its online exhibits that you can prowl through. You can get a real feel for the museum itself since there are floor plans of the actual museum you can look through. Then you’ll be on to the heart of the museum and the heart of this site: the wonderful inventions of Leonardo De Vinci.

You will go through and see many inventions, but the really cool thing is that you can see the actually drawings and notes that Leonardo scribbled down centuries ago. This gives a real insight into where his thought process was going on some of the unfinished inventions. From flight to tanks (yeah like the army kind) you’ll be amazed at how brilliant Leonardo was. Some of his inventions were way before their time.

It’s impossible to go through this site and not think of how things have evolved from some of these ideas. Ladies with your sewing machines that will wind your bobbins with little effort, even Leonard was thinking of way to make that happen! Check out his thread twister, and the loom.

I loved this site! It is the gem of online museums, with Leonardo’s notes in his native Italian and sketches. There are three floors of inventions for you to go through. My favorites were the canal and Dodecaedro Stellato.

Have fun going through the inventions of a brilliant mind.

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