The Mood Gym

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to work out more? We often think of exercising our bodies, but what about the mind?

“Mood Gym is a free, fun interactive program consisting of a number of different modules.” The modules explore why you think the way you think, how to change the way you think, changing warped thoughts, knowing what makes you upset, assertiveness and skills training.

Go through the introduction and fill out the information they ask for—you don’t need to give them your real name, but you do need to create a user login. To begin choose “start the training program”. Next you’ll meet the characters at mood gym. The characters represent some thought patterns we all experience from time to time.

Next you can take a depression quiz, anxiety test, and warpy thoughts test. When you’ve completed them you can view your results and compare them to how the character’s scored. Next you can start the modules. After completing the module you can check out other interactive sections. Feel free to log out at anytime.

Give yourself an emotional work out..