The National Barbecue News

This site is dedicated to the sport of Barbecue. Whether you are just looking for a new barbeque recipe or have a passion for grilling, you are going to enjoy this site. There is a photo gallery for you to check out along with a monthly photo contest.

One of my favorite parts of the site was Restaurants, once you click into the section it loads a big yellow map and you can choose the state you live in. Not all states are listed, but for the ones that are you get a list of barbecue restaurants.

The “New Recipe” section and “Archive” are delightful—lots of great recipes for me to try. I’m especially glad for the All Purpose Red Rub that you put on meat before you cook to give it a savory taste, I can’t wait to personalize it with a dose of basil. There are some really good recipes on this site so check them out. This way you can practice and perfect them before your local grill off, or summer party.

Check this site out for tons of fabulous recipes, pictures, and news.

From their grill to you, enjoy!