The Nitpickers Site

“A Nitpick is a mistake, anomaly or an unexpected small detail contained entirely within a movie or tv show.” This site has tons of nitpicks as well. If you like movies you are going to love reading nitpicks about them. It is free, although it does require registration if you submit a nitpick and want credited for it.

To find a movie, I suggest starting in the “Top 10 Nitpicked movies” section. Here you’ll find the ten most popular nitpicked movies. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers makes it on the list as number six. You can also see favorites like Titanic, The Mummy, The Matrix, and the rest of the top ten.

You can also find a movie by going through the “New Movie Nitpick” section and then “Movie List Nitpick” section. Either way you’re going to love the facts and funny screw ups found in these movies.

Definitely a site worth picking through.

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