The Why Files

“The Why Files—the Science behind the News.” That is a simple description of this site. While visiting I got caught up in an article about Climate Change which discusses the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and looks at the premise of the movie from a scientific point of view: could rapid climate change lead to another ice age as quickly as the movie showed? It is a very interesting article that talks about Global Warming and the Ice Age. I was very fascinated by the idea that you could date climates by the isotope frozen in ice samples.

There is also a good article on Sharks. It’s all about Shark Repellent, and whether or not it works. This article also mentions “Open Waters”the new shark flick.

You can also find out about “The Human Lie Detector”. Not to mention the fabulous in depth article on Mt. Saint Helens which talks about how volcanoes work, the ecology after an eruption, and even the science of predicting when and if volcanoes will erupt.

You can also check out the Cool Science Images, and the Interactive Science. In Interactive Science you can play with lightning, control a tornado, or even hit a home run.

This is one nifty science site, check it out today!