Want Detailed File Info? Put it in the Properties

I’m sure that you have a bunch of image files, music files, and document files on your computer. How would you like detailed information about the file to stay with it? I especially use this one for image files. For instance, if I see a picture online that I would like to use as a screensaver or wallpaper, I put the artists name, date, and maybe even where I found it online in the File Properties .

To bring up the File Properties, just Right-click the file and choose “Properties” (you can also hold down your Alt key and double-click the file.

Some files will just show “General” in the properties, but others also have a “Summary” tab. On a JPEG file you can add Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, and comments.


Click the “Advanced>>” button and you can also see the width, height, resolution, and more. The “Description” and “Origin” info can also be modified from this screen by clicking the area next to “Title”, etc.


MP3 and MS Office files work the same way, but the info is tailored for their purpose. There may be other types that also allow summaries, so take a look.

If you are an author, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, or musician, then adding file properties can also provide important information to anyone who downloads your work. The file properties remain with the file, so if your website graphic has your name and such in the properties, they will still be there. You could even include copyright information.

Whether for personal or professional use, File Properties can really come in handy.

~ David