Whale Museum

Whale Museum

This is a fabulous site for whale education. The actual museum is located in Friday Harbor, Washington, but you should definitely check out this site. The main goal of this site, and probably the museum, is to “promote stewardship of whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through education and research.”

So why don’t we start in the “Education” section. Here you can learn about: the issues facing orcas, how you can help, whale watching, and much more. I found it interesting to learn of issues orcas are facing that I never thought of like noise pollution (underwater noise) due to vessel travel in the waters.

At this site you can also learn how to help, or if you want, how to adopt an orca. You’ll probably also be interested by the “In the News” section. There you’ll learn that a new species of baleen whale was possibly discovered, and that Keiko died in Norway. Keiko was the whale that starred in “Free Willy” and was later released.

Have a whale of a good time today!


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