Are you preventing others from getting their email?

Are you preventing others from getting their email?

“Of course not,” you answer, “How dare you even accuse me of such a thing!”

A while back our newsletters were being blocked by major ISPs because too many dead addresses were rotting on our mailing list. After their system received a certain amount, it blocked all additional mailings—even to legitimate addresses. I have a suspicion that more ISPs will be doing this soon (if they aren’t already).

So, how might the average person accidentally cause such a problem? By not unsubscribing their old address when they get a new one.

If you’re changing your ISP or email address, keep this in mind. Be sure to find out how to change your subscription with all mailing lists and newsletters that you receive so that you don’t clog up the system.

Our process is simple: go to the change of address web page, unsubscribe the old address, re-subscribe with the new address, reply to the confirmation email. Voila! You’re back on the list.

Here is the link to our change of address page…

Just a handful of dead addresses can stop newsletters to thousands! Do your part to keep the email stream flowing.

Also, if you downloaded our Newsletter Reader and want to stop getting the email edition, this is the link to follow . Speaking of the Newsletter Reader, stupid email filters are part of the reason we created it, so that you can get your newsletters even if an ISP censors your inbox. To find out more about our free download, head on over…

If you miss an issue of our daily newsletter you can also read it online…

~ David

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