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My IE favorites are getting out of hand! Is there a way to sort them?

If you use Internet Explorer, you know this problem well. Here are some tips and tricks you’ll appreciate (note that some of these tips will not work with older versions of Internet Explorer):

1. To put your favorites in alphabetical order, right-click any favorite and select ” Sort by name ” from the resulting menu. All the favorites in that folder will be sorted alphabetically. NOTE: This only works if you click Favorites from the top toolbar, not from the “Favorites” menu on the side (don’t ask me why).


2. If you have tons of favorites, you should probably put them in groups using folders. For example, if you love tomato plants, and have bookmarked all 12 internet sites that feature them, you can put all of these favorites into a folder.

To create a new folder, click your Favorites menu and select Organize Favorites . A screen will open that lets you create new folders, as well as move around your favorites.



You can do the same thing by right-clicking your Start button, Explore . That should open Windows Explorer with focus on the Windows directory. If you’re using XP, it will put focus on your personal directory (this tip works the same either way)

Next, open the Favorites folder. Now, right-click the right-hand pane and select New, Folder from the resulting menu. Name the folder and hit Enter .

Now just drag & drop the favorites that belong in that folder straight to it. Seems like this would be quicker to me.

3. If you would like to rename one of your favorites, (you know, the one that just says “homepage” or “Untitled document”) to something slightly more descriptive, you can do so from that same Organize Favorites screen we mentioned earlier.

Open up the Organize favorites screen again, select the favorite you would like to rename, and click the ” Rename ” button. If you’re not sure what the favorite is for, when you click it you’ll see that you get a little info in the box on the left, including the URL . If that still doesn’t help, double-click the link and Explorer will open the link for you.

~ Steve

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