Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy

No, this isn’t about riding home from the ballpark with your friend who ate too many chili dogs… it is a very useful site to help you get ahead on the ever-changing gas prices with “the ultimate portal to local real time gas price information.”

How does it work? Simply, choose your location (either the province or state you live in) and it will give you a listing of cities. Choose your city, or the city nearest you, and you will get real time gas prices from all over your city. This site will save you time driving around trying to find the cheapest gas in town. Now you can click, and then drive.

This site can also help you find cheap gas, for those road trips. Don’t you hate paying a lot for gas and then finding out if you had driven ten minutes more you would have gotten it for ten cents cheaper? Well, use gas buddy and it won’t happen to you anymore.

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