Live Manuals

Live Manuals

You can find a manual for just about anything on this site. You can search by manufacturer or by product or you can just look through all the categories. This site rated in Yahoo’s top 50 for useful sites. I think this one is a favorite, so book mark it now.

I looked up my digital camera, because I’ve been having trouble with the pictures coming out very badly. And it’s not like you can retake the photos of graduation or weddings or other important events. I wanted to get a handle on it for my sister’s graduation.

I searched by category, choosing photography, and then the brand name of my camera. Clicking on Vivitar Digital Products, I found my camera’s manual just waiting for me. I clicked manual and there it was my answers right there and I didn’t have to spend hours searching for my manual.

Easy and useful, how great is that. Enjoy!

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