Copying Excel Worksheets—Including The Formatting!

Copying Excel Worksheets—Including The Formatting!

Have you ever tried to copy the contents of one MS Excel worksheet to another only to find that when you’re done pasting you’ve lost all your column and row formatting (such as column width and row heights)? How much time do you lose reformatting all those worksheets?

You just know there has to be an easier way, and of course, there is 🙂

To copy an entire worksheet, columns widths and all, simply click on the “Select All” button. It’s the blank rectangle to the left of the column letter headings and just above the row numbers.


This will select the entire worksheet.

At this point complete your normal copy and paste. (In the worksheet you are pasting to, be sure to select cell A1 in order for the paste to work.)

No more reformatting. Yeah!

But… if you’re looking to copy the worksheet contents and all the extra settings like headers, footers and page setup information then keep reading for a tip on copying more than just the data and formatting.

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