Move Your Taskbar

I’ve seen people with their taskbar on the side or at the top. How did they do that?

To move your taskbar:
Grab a blank area with your mouse (left click & hold) and drag it to whatever location (top, bottom, or sides) you want. Note that you need to grab the taskbar in the area where your open program buttons sit or right under your Start button (if there’s room to grab). If you have a newer version of Internet Explorer, you probably have an area (quick launch toolbar) where icons sit. That’s NOT the area you grab.


If you are using XP or Vista and can’t get the taskbar to move, you may need to “unlock” it. Just right-click a blank area on the taskbar and click the “Lock the taskbar” menu item to toggle it on and off.

OK, now for resizing:
To resize your taskbar, hover your mouse pointer over its edge. Your mouse pointer should turn onto a double arrow. Now, click and hold your left mouse button while dragging the taskbar to the size you want.

As you drag it down, you’ll get another “level” you can work with. You can drag excess toolbars to this new level using their little “handles” (short vertical lines on the toolbar’s left-hand side).

~ Steve

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