Bit Quallity Problems

For some reason my desktop looks like it’s in safe mode or something. How do I fix it?

Sounds like a bit quality issue. You might notice after you’ve been in Safe Mode or played a game on your PC that the desktop looks strange–the icons are bigger, the colors are off, etc.

If you have an icon for your monitor or graphics card down in your system tray (by the clock), you can right-click to see the settings and change it there. You’ll probably find that it is set at 256 colors—change it to “High Color” (16 bit) or “True Color” (32 bit).


You can also right-click on a blank area of your desktop and choose “Properties“. Look for the resolution slider and change the color settings to one of the specified depths above.

Why does this happen? The higher your bit quality, the more system resources being used. Some games change your settings to the lower quality so they’ll run faster. Since Safe Mode runs only the essentials to allow trouble shooting it also uses the lower setting.

~ David

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