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“Did you know that female dolphins sleep at the water’s surface, with their blow holes exposed so the can breathe, and male dolphins sleep just below the surface, rising to the surface periodically to breathe?”

This is just one of the interesting facts you can learn here in “Poseidon’s Library” at Ocean.com. You can also find out about the featured sea creature of the moment by clicking on its picture underneath Poseidon and his trio of dolphins. There you will find facts and movies of the sea creature. (The movies require QuickTime, Windows Media, or Real players to view—you can choose your connection speed as well.) There are 75 short clips of sea creatures that you can watch. I watched them all in about half an hour. You can also send them to friends by using the “Email This” link.

You can checkout “Sea Stories” for great stories involving the sea from around the world. From the largest wave to the largest fish! This a fun section full of interesting stories. I loved the story entitled “Two Idiots”. It’s about cave diving and is written with tremendous wit. I like the one about Leafy Sea Dragons too.

Then there is “Ask Poseidon”, a section of question and answers. Like: where did the ocean come from? Do barracuda’s attack people? How do Jellyfish sting you? And much more.

If you click the “Home” tab at the top of the page you’ll be taken to the front page of Ocean.com, where you can read a story about Cortes Banks and extreme surfing that was excellently written. I enjoyed it a whole lot.

If you click the “Ocean Gallery” tab, you’ll be whisked into some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen. They even have a picture of a shark attack! 😐 *shivers* Scary stuff. But also a lot of totally magnificent pictures. You can view by photographer’s galleries.

I’ll be book marking this one for when I feel the need to explore the deep!


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