Just Coffee Art

Never have I been to a more interesting art site. Here you can explore the galleries of paintings made with the medium of coffee. That’s right, paintings colored with coffee instead of paint. And let me tell you they are amazing.

The home page gives an idea of what you are getting into, a brief intro and warm welcome.

Coffee Art? — this section explains how the idea came to be. What inspired them to use coffee as paint.

Press — Will show you different clippings from newspapers, magazines, and much, much more. These articles are pretty interesting too!

Gallery — This is where you will find the paintings. They are split up into categories, so explore Nature, Wildlife, Portraits, Current Works and Previous Shows. I have some real favorites in the Current Works section—I love the Haunting Wolf, Kahvi, Wild Buttercups, and Waves of Flora. Take your time and really check everything out, there so many neat paintings.

This is a wonderful art site to look at as you enjoy your Monday cuppa joe.


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