Kid's Web Japan

Whether you use this site to teach your kids about Japan, or use it yourself to learn about Japan, you will find that it is a real delight.

Explore Japan — In this section you will do exactly what the title says. Explore Japan. Here you can find out about the Regions of Japan along with a nice map, nature and climate, but that’s not all. You will also learn about Clothing, Housing, Schooling, The Imperial Family, The National Flag and Anthem and so much more. If you want a brief explanation of that you can just choose the “Japan at a Glance” link!

Culture Corner — In this section you have a few options you can check out Virtual Japanese Culture, Folk Legends of Japan, What’s Cool in Japan, and Young Masters of the Arts. All are chocked full of goodies.

Cookbook for Kids — This section is wonderful. Not only can you find out the history of Ramen noodles, but you can learn about Japanese cooking, and snag some really cool Japanese recipes.

Kids Life — This section explains to kids what life is like in Japan, what going to school there is like compared to the schools they attend. You can also read the monthly news section and see what is going on in Japan.

Say it in Japanese — I love this section. This where you can learn some Japanese. Here you can learn kanji and other forms of Japanese writing. All with pronunciation guides, and you can even hear how the word is pronounced. Very educational. I loved the Quick Kanji, and Quick Japanese. In Quick Japanese you learn phrases that would be useful in greetings, questions, and many other simple phrases that would make it easier to get by if you were a tourist in Japan.

Hi-Tech Japan — This section will introduce you to how science and technology are used in Japan. Technology that ranges from eco cars to Suica and ICOCA, toilets, video games and even mobile phones. Plus you can check out the special effects in Godzilla!

Kids Travel Agency — Do you want to travel to Japan? >From the travel desk you can find out what some of the attractions in Japan are. Like the dagashi candy shops or even the famous ninja villages. This will walk you through the things you would see here. With a lot of charm and information making this section is a must see, read, and browse.

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