Relaxing TV Channel

It sure is cold here, and I wish I had a fire. Well, I may not have a fireplace but I can watch a fire. Not only can I watch a fire but I have three pages of fires I can choose from. Just choose your download speed, save it and then open it to have a wonderful, crackling fire to watch and enjoy! Even a Yule Log for the holidays.

You may also enjoy the sounds they have also provided. To hear them along with your video you can either click “launch the music” on their webpage, or you can click “launch music in the media player”. This helps make the experience complete—now you can hear your fire crackle!

You can also enjoy Aquariums, Beaches, By the Sea, Flowering, Foliage, Grand Canyon, Harbors, Hawaii, Lighthouses, Snowfall, Sunrises, Sunsets, Waterfalls, and even Zoos if fires aren’t your idea of fun things to watch.

All of these are beautiful imagery, with crystal clear pictures. Take time and enjoy the vast variety that this site has to offer.

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