Safe Car

It’s the time of year where in some places the weather is beginning to get crummy. Which in my mind brings up the idea of car safety. With this site you can make sure that your car is safe

Equipment and Safety — This is the section where you can find out all about the equipment on your car, and how safe it is. Check out Tires, Airbags, and Rollover, for really great information.

Five Star Crash Test and Rollover Ratings — in this section you can find out how your car did in the crash test and rollover test. You can either use the broad search where you put in Class, Year, Make, and Model or you can simply search by Make and Model (which is the way to go if you have an older vehicle).

Defects and Recalls — Do you think your car has a defect? If so you can file a complaint about it here. You can also check the Recalls to see if your vehicle is on the list. In the Recall list you can search for vehicle recalls, equipment recalls, child safety seat recalls, and tire recalls. So even if you haven’t bought a vehicle with defects you may want to check out the other searches.

This site is easy to use and it just makes sense to check these kind of things out. Forewarned is forearmed.

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