Snow Days

“It’s always snowing somewhere!” That’s a line from the introduction to this site. It’s always snowing here. I’m thanking my lucky stars too, because I’d give anything for snow right now. My front yard looks like a mud pit from all this winter rain.

Well if you want to see the flakes I made, go to “Find a Flake”. Where it says “name”, type in AMANDA, and where it says “location” type in WORLDSTART. Then click the orange search button. It will tell you how many snowflakes that they found that I’ve made. (I’ve lost track of how many are out there!) Then it will tell you to watch for them to fall. They should fall with green arrows by them, just click the flake to enlarge it.

If you’d like to make some snowflakes yourself, click “Create Your Own Snow Flake”. Click and Drag with your mouse to cut out your snowflake shape. Then when you’re finished, click “Done”. Then fill out your name, location (if you want) and a message, put your e-mail address in (if you don’t want to, uncheck the box beneath that asks if you want notified if someone replies to your flake) then click “Add”. You can send it to your friends, or if you don’t want to just click no thanks and your flake will be added to those that are falling. The really nice thing is that you can preview what your flake looks like as you make it.

I could spend hours just looking at some the snowflakes here. How people get their snowflakes so intricate is beyond me—I just have fun. So if you just want to view some snowflakes, then mouse over the snowflakes falling and enjoy!

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