St. Nicholas Center

“Discovering the Truth about Santa Claus.” That was the first line on this site that caught my eye, and it is exactly what you will do here. You can learn all about Santa Claus, in his many forms, and from all around the world.

Click on “Who is St. Nicholas? Who is Santa Claus? Are They the Same? Find out Here.” And you can truly learn all about the differences and similarities between the two. This section is full of wonderful historical information and wonderful pictures. You will also find links at the end that will take you to other sections like: The Origin of Santa Claus, Was St. Nicholas a Real Person, Is Saint Nicholas Still a Real Saint?, and Advent Saint. You can also find out a lot more information by clicking the links on the side menu—the Bishop of Myra was a really interesting section. But I’d recommend them all. I learned so much just from reading this section, I hope you will too.

All Around The World — This is where you can find out the traditions from all over the world. You can either get to this from the menu at the top of the page or a link all the way at the bottom. Of course if this is the first section you are checking out its right there on the homepage too. So pick the country you would like to explore and be whisked away right into the traditions of that country’s people. You can even use the new find option they have to search for churches dedicated to St. Nicholas all over the world.

How to Celebrate — This section goes over why you should celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6 (for Eastern Christians that’s December 19 on the civil calendar), as well as going over what you can do to celebrate. It covers how to celebrate at home, at church, at school, the advent calendar, festivals, and there are even e-cards you can send out.

This site really helped me get in the spirit of the season, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did— if not more!

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