WEHT stands for “What Ever Happened To?” This is where you can find out where all those one hit wonders, child stars, sitcom stars, and many more. There are a lot of categories to search through and a lot of information on different people.

There is a top five list of the most searched for, last added, top 5, top 5 of the week, to make some searching easier. I know I learned a lot while I was here. Of course you can always just put in the name of who you are looking for and search that way.

Like Fabio “now runs his own film production company specializing in animation.” That’s right the fashion model who graced the covers of tons of romances has settled down to a very private life running his own business.

There are so many to browse through. You will feel like you are really getting a history lesson on what’s been going on in these people’s lives. This site is very fun and frisky. Try not to get lost browsing it though, I found myself looking up one person only to get distracted by more options and spending a good deal of time just reading and looking around.

There is a newsletter you can sign up for too, as well as discussion boards so you can discuss your favorites with others on this site. From History to Pop Culture if you are wondering what ever happened to them—you’ll probably find it here.



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