Coloring Page

This is a great site to introduce your kids to, mainly because there are a ton of activities to keep their busy little hands out of trouble. Animated Cards, Coloring, and Games are only a few of the great things you will find here.

Animated Cards — It will open in a new window. If it doesn’t you need to click the “click here” at the top of the page. From New Years cards to Easter to Friendship, your kids will find a plethora of cards that they can send out to their friends and family.

Coloring — this section has animated coloring pages. That’s right, not only can you or your kids color them, but they are animated too. That makes them that much more fun to color. And there are ton of categories to choose from so there are tons of hours of coloring fun here.

Games — These games are definitely for kids 6-10. Here you will find games of coordination, mixed bag, puzzles and races. My favorite of the four was Mixed Bag—lots of miscellaneous games that are a treat and delight.

Now that’s what is there for your kids to explore. If you go back to the home page you’ll see at the top there is a section for parents. Just click on the “Just for Parents”: practical ideas and advice, and you will find a section devoted solely to those who are care givers to children. And they really do offer some great advice!

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