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Windows, in case you didn’t notice, has a lot of configuration choices. Let’s put it this way: a company called Worldstart (you may have heard of them) sends out 10+ articles a week on how to control or manage your Windows environment. There are Mammoth books written, classes given, and training CDs created all in an effort to help you get the most of your Windows system. People want to be in charge of their PC, not have their PCs in charge of them, which I’m sorry to say, happens a lot. It’s easy to get intimidated by Windows sometimes, especially if you don’t have the time, or don’t care to spend the time, needed to learn all the Ins and Outs of your System.

One of the first administrative tools I think that most end-users get familiar with is the Control Panel. This wonderful area of Windows allows people to make adjustments from Managing User Accounts to configuring your system sounds. Yet for all it’s wonder and glory Control Panel holds only a small portion of your Windows settings, and one can spend a lifetime (at least it seems like it) reading help files, checking forums, and going to school to figure out the rest.

With today’s download I attempt to address this issue with a program that is almost like a Control Panel on steroids. It’s called X-Setup and although it doesn’t look like your Control Panel (regardless of the view your using) it does allow you to take control of windows and other applications by allowing you to tweak settings that are usually buried several folder levels deep. X-Setup also let’s you configure some options that might not openly be available though the program’s interface, and may only be available to administrators. This could very well turn into one of your main areas of control for your system.

X-Setup has two main modes or interfaces: the Wizard, and Classic both do the same thing, but in different ways. The Wizard walks you through the tweaks you want to perform basically by asking you a series of questions with multiple-choice answers. The Classic mode is more like any other windows application; on the left is an “explorer” type of window and on the right are the details and options for the components you’re configuring. In both of these modes there are sub-categories or “areas” which separate the different applications into groups. The groups are: Hardware, Appearance, Internet, Program Options, and Windows Startup/Shutdown some of which show only version numbers and dates, but some are fully editable.

X-Setup is a great download and a wonderful addition to your administrative tools, but remember to respect this product, by recording what you may have changed. You may also want to create a system restore and a registry backup before you run the program at least the first couple of times, until you get used to how it works. There are two reasons I say this: (1) X-Setup recommends it (2) The program doesn’t create backups for you, so if you make a bad move it could be permanent if you don’t have a good restore point, or reg backup. With assistance from X-Setup’s forum on the website and a Help file integrated onto the main interface you shouldn’t have any problems answering questions that are bound to come up.

The program is only 4.6MB so before you know it you’ll be enjoying the convenience of X-Setup on your own system.

Download it here…

~ Chad

Worldstart is not the developer of this software. If you have questions or need assistance, XQ/DC has support and a forum at

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