The Bug Guide

Well are you fascinated by insects or other creepy crawlies? I’m not but there a lot of people who are. I ran across this site trying to identify a scary looking spider that was in my house. I needed to find out if it was poisonous so my cat didn’t eat it. I did find the spider I was looking for and, while scary looking, was not poisonous. But what I also found was an excellent Bug Guide.

To use the guide you can click on the picture of the bug you are looking for information on and then you will be whisked away to that species’ page. For more information on how to use the guide further I suggest you click on the “Guide” tab which answers a lot of the frequently asked questions about how the guide works.

If you have something you want to ID you can go to “ID Request” and submit a picture and then wait and see if someone identifies your bug. You have to be registered (it’s free, and you can do it at the top of the page) and logged in. If you recognize a bug you can even help identify it too.

Recent — This is where you will find out what has been added to the site recently.

Forums — This is where you can chat all about bugs and talk with other registered members. If you have questions, just want to chat, or address problems that you have with their website, this is the place to go.

A very handy guide that I will be book marking for the summer when I do my gardening—this will help me weed out pests that could ruin the garden and the flowers I pick out.


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