Tornado Chase Day

This is an “image site for tornado chasers, weather photographers, sky lovers and dreamers” and all of the above can find something to enjoy here.

Here you can see New Images of 2004’s Tornado season. They are sorted by location, so choose a location to browse the images. The New ones are marked with the word “New” in orange before the link. Not only do you get dramatic images of these tornados you also get radar imaging of the storm cell and you may even see some hail. It was amazing to me how different the tornados were from one another. Each was very unique.

I like the pictures from Freeport to Argonia in Kansas. Because it is as though the tornado is swallowing up the sunshine in that area as it grew. Very neat. You can also check out the archives in this section—a lot of great images there.

Scrolling down a little further you will notice that you can look at Stock photos of tornados (high speed connection recommended), you can look at Hail Storms (images of hailstones, hail fall, hail storms, and punching), you can also read the two page lesson on Learning Storm Features, a very educational read. You will also find images of Wind Storms, Lightning Storms, Tornados and Funnels.

You should take you time browsing this one because there are a ton of really excellent photographs to see.


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