Google Fight

This site is really cool! Put in any two keywords and have them duke it out. How do they win? Well, this site searches to see how many listings there are for the words and then the one with the most wins the fight.

I put in tea vs. coffee and coffee won with a grand total of 53,500,000 results to tea’s measly 37,200,000.

You can also check out the last 20 fights by clicking the option for it on the side menu. This will show you what other words are fighting it out. Or you can choose the Classics. The Classics consists of the following:

God vs. Satan
Pen vs. Sword
Tony Parker vs. Michael Jordan

Those are just a few. Check out the rest by visiting the Classics. My favorite section though is Funny Fights. Here “Me” fights “Myself” and Me wins by a landslide (probably thanks to the Windows OS), or Alpha vs. Beta and Beta wins by a slimmer margin.

You should check “Fight of the Month” too, where Pro vs. Con, The vs. One, while the Beatles and The Rolling Stones duke it out. To find out who comes out on top you’ll have to visit the section and watch them battle it out.

Pit your favorite words or people against each other, or even your favorite animals. I was surprised at the slim margin that Lion won over Penguin. This is just a lot of fun and you can keep it as versatile as you want by changing up what you use to fight it out. You should put names in quotes to get more exact results.

From people, places, things, words—you name it—if it is on the web you can have it fight right before your eyes.


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