Bar Code Art

This is a site dedicated to the art of Scott Blake who makes fascinating portraits, art, and such from bar codes. It is broken down into four main sections—Portraits, Digital: Video and Interactive, Analog: Paintings and Collages, and Other Art.

Portraits — is exactly what it says: portraits of cultural icons using bar codes.

Digital: Video and Interactive — This section is broken down into more sections within itself. Here you can Bar Code Yourself, Bar Code Wind Chimes, Bar Code Clock, Bar Code Counter, and Bar Code Noise. Each one is really neat. I particularly enjoyed the clock.

Analog: Paintings and Collages — Photos, Bar Code Paintings, Distorted Bar Codes, Datascape Collages, and Bar Code Tattoos. Very interesting section, I really loved the Paintings and the distorted bar codes.

Other Art — Samples of artwork without bar codes including Titled Series, some short films, Chuck Close Filter, and Flag Remix.

Very cool art with a different flavor—this sorta reminds me of the artist who made art with a type writer. Enjoy!


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