So what’s a site called Cardstacker about? Well it is Bryan Berg’s page—he holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Tallest House of Cards and in 2004, “Guinness created a new record category for the World’s Largest House of Cards to recognize a project Berg built for Walt Disney World—a replica of Cinderella’s Castle. He continues to hold both records.”

Here you can read all about Bryan Berg in the “About Berg” section. How did he get started? What projects has he done? For more questions answered you can check out the FAQ section.

Then there is the Gallery where you can see two pages of Berg’s creations via photos. I flipped through both pages because the buildings were just so varied and interesting. I think you’ll be really amazed, I know I was, by the diversity and detail of the structures that Berg builds. My favorite image was on page two of the gallery, and is a pagoda like structure. It is very neat.

“Stack the Deck” is a section on Berg’s book about card stacking. It tells you what the book is about.

Probably one of the neater galleries we’ve dealt you in a while, so why don’t you go check it out?

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