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I found something to make managing images for specific purposes easier that I know you’ll enjoy. How many times have you found the need to resize pictures? How about change a picture’s file extension (jpg, bmp, etc)? Whether it’s posting pictures on a website, emailing photos, creating avatars, or posting signatures on message boards there are many reasons to change the size or type of an image file.

This isn’t extremely hard to do with your typical photo imaging software, but it can take a little time especially if you have a lot of files to change or convert at once. There can also be a risk of saving your newly sized image over the original, which can be upsetting to say the least.

This software can make the process of resizing and converting images easy as pie. If you find yourself performing these actions often then PIXresizer may be the program for you. PIXresizer not only can resize and convert an image, but it also leaves the original where it is untouched. Another trick up its sleeve is the ability to convert a number of image files at once (batch convert) in a fashion that is not only easy to perform but fast. I bet it took me less than 10 minutes to download install and then convert a whole file of images, and this is with no prior knowledge of the program or how it works.

The interface is right to the point. Go to the file or folders you want to use, choose destination folder (you can, of course, make one from the interface) choose the size and extension type, and off you go. The images will be converted and dumped into the file you choose or created for the output images, then you’re on to the next step. To do this with Photoshop or equivalent software it would have taken me a lot longer—I would guess 1-2 minutes per file and that’s if I was in a groove and wasn’t interrupted (as if I never get interrupted).

If this is something you think you could use then give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose and I believe that you will be impressed once you try it. The program works on Windows 95 and higher but if your still running 95 or NT you need to have Internet Explorer 4 or higher. The program is just under 2MB installed, complete with an integrated Help file to get you through any questions you may have, but honestly, I don’t think that will be an issue.

PIXresizer is so easy to use you could probably teach your dog how to use it. (Although I don’t recommend letting any canine use your PC since the slobber is really bad for the keyboard, they will start chewing on the mouse, not to mention they like to change your homepage).

Download this useful program here…

~ Chad

** WorldStart is not the developer of this program. For questions check out the support & FAQ sections for Bluefive Software (located at the above link).

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