Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog

This dog is truly amazing, not only is he a skateboarding fiend, but he’s raising kittens. Check out the Pics and Movies section where you can check out Tyson skateboarding in the park, see his baby pictures, and check him out raising his kittens. I love dogs who love cats, my cat and dog here at home are the best of friends.

At the very top of the Pics and Movies page is a link to a video of Tyson—I almost missed it so I wanted to point it out to you all. There are two more videos under the first set of skateboarding pictures. The videos are truly amazing, and show you what an incredible dog Tyson is. Make sure to check them out.

In The News – tells you what Tyson is up to, and where he is making news. Who has caught on to the marvel of Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog.

Events – this section tells you what Tyson is up to and what events he is participating in.

Friends and Sponsors – This is the thank you section to all of Tyson’s supporters. It’s interesting who’s on the list.

FAQ – this is where all the interesting information about Tyson is. Like when did he learn to skate, how old is he, does he live with other pets, and so on.

This is a stellar site based on a remarkable dog.



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