Space Sounds

Come listen to the sounds of space. There is a circle of silver balls around the words “Space Sounds Energy Streams”—by scrolling your mouse over these balls you can choose to listen to different sounds from space. If you click on the tabs that read: Home, Look, Missions, and Beyond, you can explore more of the site.

“Home” brings you back to the page you are currently looking at. Use it to navigate back from other sections of the site.

“Look” allows you to look at different images of space by artist David Palermo. These are really neat—you can even check out his main gallery from a link in this section.

“Missions” explores the different space missions that have been launched. Click on one of the following to get specific missions: Mercury and Gemini, The Apollo Program, Shuttle Missions, or Space Exploration. The new information opens below these options and gives you lots of places to explore from JFK’s Moon Speech to the Apollo Missions to more recent space exploration—there’s a lot of interesting information to be found here.

“Beyond” you will find a desktop you can download and the space sounds navigator.

At the bottom of the “Home” page you will see that there are colored balls—these lead you to different sound pages like dinosaur sounds, storm sounds, and whale sounds.


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