The Hummingbird Society

Today I’ve brought you the site of the Hummingbird Society. If you read their welcome statement you’ll find out that there are sections devoted to Attracting Hummingbirds, Injured Birds, Photos, Ant/Bee Problems, Predators, Endangered Birds, and Look Alikes.

Attracting Hummingbirds — this section tells you how to lure these remarkable birds into your own garden either with the right flowers or the right hummingbird feeders. Here you can check out the Top Ten Plant Families that lure the hummingbird to gardens.

Injured Birds — this section tells you what to do if you find an injured hummingbird or a baby hummingbird that has fallen from the nest.

Photos — My favorite section of the site. Here you can check out vivid photos of these beautiful birds. You have options on the side menu in this section to check out All Images, Best Flight, Best Nestling, Endangered, Our Favorites, and Other Sources. Underneath this month’s feature you will see two rows of pictures. One row is the five most recently added, the second row is the top five editor’s picks.

Ant/Bee Problems — This is where you learn how to deal with some common pests found in a garden to attract/feed hummingbirds.

Predators — What preys on the pretty hummingbird? And how do you keep them out of your gardens? Learn all about the predators that want to eat the hummingbird, among them you’ll find cats, other birds, and even some more unusual predators like praying mantis’ and spiders.

Endangered Birds — learn all about the Hummingbird species that are endangered almost to the point of extinction.

Look Alikes — What out there in nature makes you think it’s a hummingbird feeding in your garden, check out this section to find out!

At the top of the page you’ll see that there is a menu in the site’s title banner — here you can find the great section “Hummingbird 101” where you can learn all about the tiny birds that hold so many people’s fascination.


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