Theme park Insider

With the weather getting nicer, many families are thinking about hitting the theme parks with their kids. Now you can get great information on theme parks near you with Theme Park Insider. Right in the middle of the page you have the options of Reader’s Top Theme Parks, Best/Worst Attractions, Reader Attractions Comments, Reader Restaurant Comments, and the Reader Photo Gallery.

On the side of the Page you get “Looking for Theme Park News?”, “Want to Talk About Theme Parks?”, “Concerned About Safety?”, and “Curious About this Site?”. I want to point out the Safety section from this grouping—this is where you can find out about Safety News and check out Accident Watch. Make sure the theme park you are going to is safe by checking out the verified incident reports from various theme parks.

This is a great site to help you plan those summer trips to theme parks around the country, and around the world. Enjoy!


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